New entry day 3

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Add records of weight(s) used.

Add another note to this record, for example, how you felt the next day, or how long it took for any muscle soreness to go away. Anything that’s important to keep track of when it comes to repeating this workout again.

Workout Details

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Beginner Workout
August 20, 2023
I like this a lot

Weight(s) Used

  1. KB Double 24 kg / 53 lb used for Part 1
  2. KB Single 8 kg / 18 lb used for Part 2

    It was too light

  3. KB Double 32 kg / 70 lb used for Part 3

Record Weight Used

Add the weight(s) that you used for this session.

When you define the workout part, it allows us to run calculations and comparisons in the future. For example, if you had a workout where for the first part you used 1 kettlebell of a certain weight, and for the second part you used 2 kettlebells of a certain weight. Defining this will allow you a better overview as well.

If you used 1 kettlebell then tick Single and otherwise tick Double.

Select the kettlebell weight.

Add a small note if you need to, otherwise, click the button to add the weight to the list above.

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