The Caveman Programming Protocol

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This information explains the basics of programming and that will allow you to program yourself. It explains how you can take any of our workouts and design your program based on the workout or workouts of your choice.

It’s named the Caveman Protocol because it shows how something so complex can be boiled down to something basic and simple. This is meant to be kept basic and easy to implement.

Programming is done to progressively reach a goal, those goals are always one or more of the following:

  • Increase the weight that you can move for a certain exercise
  • Increase the power that you can generate for a certain exercise
  • Increase the duration that you can perform a certain exercise with a certain weight
  • Increase the range of motion in a certain joint
  • Increase the mental toughness to resist giving up early
  • Increase the size of your muscles
  • Increase the ability to maintain high-intensity effort for longer
  • Increase the ability to recover quicker after high-intensity effort
  • Increase the ease of movement

Programming involves:

  • Weight selection
  • Working duration
  • Number of repetitions
  • Number of rounds
  • Exercise selection
  • Rest duration
  • Progression

The protocol is:

  1. Define your goal(s) and reach them
  2. Define your weaknesses and fix them
  3. Define your strengths and use them
  4. Increase your mental toughness no matter the goal
  5. Leave your ego at the door and prioritize longevity above everything else
  6. Include fun in your goals to remain interested and committed
  7. Include mobility in your training no matter the goals
  8. Form and technique before volume and weight

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A program contains information on how to schedule and adjust your workouts.

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