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Congratulations! You are in and almost ready to start!

It’s highly recommended that you complete this quick introduction to your content and the website. It won’t take long. If you don’t take this additional time to get acquainted with the information, you may lose out on things you paid for.

If you follow the onboarding process, we’ll show you how to do and access the following.


Let’s do a quick run-through of what you have access to and how things will work from here on.

You already have access to:

  1. Beginners workout
  2. Initial beginners program
  3. Full access to all tools

1. Form Feedback/Coaching


To interact, post, ask questions, and get form feedback please request access to our private Facebook group here (opens in a new window). Approval can take up to 48 hours during working days.


To interact with the public kettlebell community and Cavemantraining followers (45,000+ members), please request access here (opens in a new window). 99% of these members are not KEY TO KETTLEBELL SUCCESS members so consider yourself privileged and feel free to boast about it in the group as much as you can. You can also request form feedback in this public group but if we’re not tagged we might not be notified about the post.

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2. My Library

You will be able to pick the following to add to your personal library and don’t feel rushed as there is enough time to do this. While you’re a member, you will be selecting and adding things to add and make it the perfect library.

  • Pick one new workout each week
  • Pick one kettlebell exercise to study within 1 month
  • Pick one instructional course within 2 months
  • Pick one kettlebell book within 3 months
  • Pick one kettlebell program within 4 months

3. Drip Schedule

From here on out you will be on a drip schedule which is as follows:

  • New kettlebell exercise every month
  • New instructional course every 2 months
  • New kettlebell book every 3 months
  • New kettlebell program every 4 months
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