The interface or the application that you’ll be using.

It’s highly recommended that you complete this quick introduction to navigating the website.

Logging in

Whenever you want to use our application/website, you will have to log in. To log in, you can always click the user icon in the top right-hand corner of this website.

Studying and learning

After you log in, the navigation menu will change, and the first item is STUDY. From here you’ll be able to access all the tools for studying more about kettlebell training, learning about proper form and technique, new exercises, and more. It’s also the place from where you’ll be able to pick your study material in your drip schedule.

Working out

The second item in the navigation menu is WORK OUT. From here you’ll be able to pick all the workouts and programs during your drip schedule.

Measure Progress

The third item in the navigation menu is MEASURE PROGRESS. This is by far the most important menu item and the reason you came here, to see progress. You should visit this when you start, to make sure all details for the start of your journey are recorded because without those details you will not be able to measure progress. Come back to this section at least every 2 to 4 weeks to add and update details.

User Menu

The rest of the navigation options are located under your user icon in the top right-hand corner. The MEASURE PROGRESS is repeated here because it’s such a vital part of your membership.

The second item is MY LIBRARY and this is where all your content will be available from. Whenever you are assigned something or you picked something like a workout, course, etc., it will be added to your library so that you can always find it easily.

You can now go and explore or access your automatically assigned first workout here and if at any stage of your journey you may be lost, remember, you are paying us to assist you.

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