Measure Progress




Keep track of your weight to measure fat loss.


Keep track of your body measurements for fat loss or muscle gain.


Keep track of how you look with before and after shots.


What is a cardio workout? In very general terms, a cardio workout is anything that challenges the heart and lungs.

Heart Rate Recovery

Record and keep track of how quickly your heart rate goes down to the grey zone.

Resting Heart Rate

Keep track of your resting heart rate and as you get fitter your resting heart rate should go lower.


Keep track of how long you can maintain steady-state, high-intensity, or high-intensity interval training, in other words, how long can you work unbroken around the same level in different heart rate zones.


Maximum Strength

Record your 1 rep maximum for any given exercise and track your progress.

Strength Endurance

Keep track of your muscular endurance which is the ability of your muscles to contract for extended periods of time while exerting force.

Speed Strength

Power equals speed and strength. Record your progress for power exercises.

Relative Strength

Keep track of your relative strength which is how strong you are compared to your size.

Energy Level

Keep track of your energy, are you more energetic than you were when you started? Whether there are any up and down patterns, etc.


Keep track of the scoring for your workouts to measure your progress.


Keep track of your speed, your pacing, and how fast you finish workouts.


Keep track of your kettlebell experience and see how you’re progressing with not only form and technique but also more complex exercise variations.

Mental State

Keep track of your mental well-being and how it improves. Keep track of how you feel, act, react, and whether you have become mentally tougher. Sleep. Mood.


Set and keep track of your goals and smash them.

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