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Select the main workout formats that you enjoy doing. A short intro to some of them can be found below.

AMRAP is an As Many Rounds As Possible workout.

FOR TIME is a workout or task that needs to be completed as fast as possible.

EMOM is an Every Minute On the Minute interval workout.

Kettlebell combos are multiple exercises strung together.

HIIT is a form of interval training, high-intensity interval training.

Hybrid workouts are a mix of kettlebells and other work, bodyweight, calisthenics, mobility, etc.

Penalty workouts are workouts that have penalties assigned in the scoring or as an exercise when an objective is not met.

Juggling workouts are workouts where the kettlebell is released and caught with different movements.

Flow workouts are where you move gracefully from one exercise to the next one.

Detailed workouts are those with a lot of details about technique, how to prep, warm-up, cooldown, etc.

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