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The Caveman Programming Protocol

Master The Kettlebell Snatch

Master The Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Sport For Beginners

Prometheus Phase II

The Pace Maker Protocol

Swing And Burpee Challenge

6-Week Strength Camp

Beginners Program

Once you’ve completed the workout, this is where you enter the details so it can be used to measure your progress. The more detail the better. Remember, a session is warm-up, prep work, workout, and cooldown. You might want to record details about anything that’s not the workout in the description/notes.

Visibility refers to whether these details will be publicly accessible or not. By default it’s visible to the community and public.

The title can be anything that will help you recognize this record, it would be the workout name and date info.

The description or notes can be anything that you want to take note of, for example, things about the warm-up, prep work, or cooldown. You can also write down any issues you may need to work on.

The date is the date that you completed the workout, so if you’re entering details in the system a couple of days later you can still select the date of the workout.

You can rate the workout so that you can easily find the workouts that you liked again.

Heart Rate Monitor

If you were wearing a heart rate monitor, then you should record your maximum and average heart rate plus the calories burned.

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