Great book of kettlebell routines

A great book to keep your kettlebell workouts fresh. The pictures and links to videos help make the workouts easy to follow. Great book for beginner or advanced.

The Rosetta Stone of Kettlebells

This is the first book on decoding the Kettlebell training. I will say it is a Must if you want to start and continue your Kettlebell Training. I already am buying the remaining volumes. Worth every penny.

Great muscle building program

I tend to have a hard time getting into a slower pace, muscle-building workout routine, but this one has been exceptionally interesting, addicting, and effective. These people know what they are doing with kettlebells. I’m looking forward to doing this program some more as well as some more of their content.

The Best Book on Kettlebell Training !!!

There are quite a few books out there on Kettlebell Training, but this one beats them all. It is clear and precise and offers many practical tips that other books don’t even mention. So if you like Kettlebells, this book is a must read !!!!!!

The book is true to its claim

A good book!! I learned a lot of different clean variations. The book is true to its claim. There is nothing out there that covers the variations that I could find.

Loaded with workouts and options!

If you train with kettlebells I think this is a great book for you. Lots of challenging workouts, but Taco does a great job of giving you progressions, regressions, etc. There are workouts for 1 or 2 kettlebells, indexed by time, muscles worked, goals, etc. Packed full of information, options, and pictures (plus video links) …

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The best you can buy

A must-have addition to any kettlebell library. Taco and Anna have done a great job of breaking down the exercises step by step in order to give you the best kettlebell workouts on the market. This book, along with their others, is the best you can buy.

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