The right course for any absolute newbie to kettlebell training

As someone with an injured lower back, any type of new training has to be approached, and taken, with the ultimate caution. As such, I always look for someone who not only knows what they’re talking about but has the credentials and experience to boot… Taco Fleur ticks all the boxes. This course and exercises within are clearly explained, demonstrated, and drilled (exactly what I want), and the instructor goes through the points to watch, good v bad form, and the correct way to carry out the individual exercises/drills. At first, initial skepticism couldn’t believe it was one exercise a day for 21 days, but after going through practically all the course (and with reference to above bad back), I still refer to each exercise prior to working out. I’ll get there, in time (no point in rushing it), but this is the right course for any absolute newbie to kettlebell training, or even for those who want to improve on existing skills/unlearn bad habits. Great course and worth every cent.

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