What do you need for Kettlebell Workouts?

If you want to get more than just the bare minimum and spare no expense to commit to this and immediately get everything you need to make your kettlebell journey as smooth as possible, this is your list.

If you are not going to use the follow-along workout videos, i.e. you want to get your workout details from us and then put your headphones on and get the work done, then you need a workout timer. We recommend getting a flexible timer.

If you want to record and track your cardiovascular progress then you will need a heart rate monitor. We use the Polar Verity Sense armband heart rate monitor and app for our workouts.

If you want to immediately do what the experts do to get the maximum results and look after the body, then get yourself some minimalist shoes like Vibram Five-finger shoes, Xero, or any flexible, breathable, wide-toe box shoes with zero-drop will do but these are the ones we use for many years. Of course, always do your own research as what works well for one might not work for another.

If you want to record yourself, whether for self-assessment or to submit videos for fun or feedback, then you will need a tripod to place your camera on. We use flexible tripods like these. Make sure to get one that allows you to place the camera in a vertical position so that you can also film vertically, which is optimal for filming yourself.

If you will be doing high-volume sets then you should get some chalk either liquid or brick or powder, I prefer powder, but some people don’t like the mess it makes.

If you want to look cool and show everyone that you’re part of the kettlebell team, then of course, you should get yourself a couple of original kettlebell t-shirts or hoodies (if it’s cold) from here.

And last but not least, a good music playlist is vital.

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